The Barnfield Education Project was set up by UCAN EDUCATION SERVICES LTD in partnership with the Friends of Barnfield Estate Ltd to provide out of school tuition for young people in both primary and secondary schools. 

The history of BEP is dated back to March, 2014 when Barnfield HuB was launched. The education project had a special stand during the launched and provided educational information and information about the project and its vision to all residents. Over 50 students were registered on the day however; teaching did not start due to lack of funding until March 2015 when the Big Lottery provided grant to FOB for homework club. 

The main focus of BEP is on students receiving additional academic support to help them develop competence/excellence in the core subjects of the National Curriculum (Maths, English and Science), through intensive Saturday School tuition and extra-curricular activities. The   project also provides SATs, GCSE and A-Level Exams Preparatory Classes and GCSE and A-Level Revision Workshops.

The extracurricular activities programme includes monthly educational film and music days that provide opportunities for students to engage and learn from individual and group projects, in addition to helping them apply what they learn to real-life situations, build confidence through mastering new talents, and understanding the connections between what they do now and their future possibilities.

The project which initially catered for 30 students has evolved into a fully operational Saturday School with over 60 students on roll.  As at last Saturday the 12th December, 2015 we had 29 primary school students and 18 Secondary school students attending regularly. Due to limited space, we are now operating a waiting list system.  

The success of this provision so far has surpassed expectations. Working in partnership with mainstream schools to track student's performance is paying dividend as evidenced by one of   our secondary students winning a Gold Certificate at the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge Competition. He was asked by his school’s Maths teacher to present the Gold Certificate to the Saturday School in recognition of his progress and achievement since attending the provision.

Additionally, we conducted a one-day FREE SATs intensive revision session to all Year 6 Primary School pupils within the community, in preparation for their 2015 SATs exams. All our Year 6 students achieved a minimum of Level 4 in their 2015 SATs exams results, with some achieving Level 5 above national level.

We also ran a one-day Free GCSE and A-Level revision workshop for all Secondary students in the Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide effective support on how to deal with Non-calculator paper and how to answer long essay questions. 

The project was officially launched in March 2015 to provide out of school tuition for young people in both primary and secondary schools. The main focus is on students receiving additional support to help them develop competence/excellence in the core subjects of the National Curriculum.  

 This project helps beneficiaries build on the learning they receive in mainstream schools and further prepare them for formal National assessments. It increases abilities to undertake school and homework requirements and enhance numeracy and literacy skills. It also provides opportunity for parents to support their children’s education, understand education pathways, help build parenting skills and contribute to social inclusion. Beneficiaries have access to extra after-school teaching in small groups (ratio 10:1) that help them develop competences in core subjects of the National Curriculum – Maths, English and Science, support for primary school students at critical stages particularly Year 2 and Year 6 to fully equip and prepare them for SATs exams before progressing into secondary school and also provide intensive teaching and one to one assistance to secondary school students with GCSE and A Level exams preparation. 

The implementation of this project was based on feedback during discussions and consultations with parents, young people and children, one to one discussions with teachers, impromptu chats with members of the public during outdoor community events and administering on street questionnaires to parents who were taking their children to and from schools. Therefore, it’s clear and worthy to say that BEP Education was established to meet the real education need of the local community which has neglected for a very long time with children turning to crime because of lack of valuable project to engage in. to this end BEP Education is filling the education gap and also tackling crime because the creation of community cohesion between young people, relationship building via secured social media provided by BEP has brought the young people together in a very safe and conducive environment other than roaming about in the streets.

We are steadily meeting the needs of our young people and our service users and helping them reach their full potential.

The success of BEP Education has been amazing and so encouraging. One of our secondary student took part in the UK junior Mathematical challenge competition and emerged as a winner with a GOLD CERTIFICATE and was asked by his mainstream school Maths teacher to present the Gold certificate to our Saturday school in recognition of our excellent teaching and learning and the added value we give to students. This also certify that our strategy of working in partnership with mainstream schools to track our student's performance is paying dividend.

We conducted a one-day FREE SATs intensive revision session to all year 6 pupils within the community in preparation for the 2015 SATs exams and it was a great success! The outcome was a clear evidence that our project is adding value to our beneficiaries as all our year six students achieved minimum of level 4 in their 2015 SATs exams result with some achieving level 5 above national level. This is a clear evidence that we are meeting the needs of user.  Below is few data extract from our last progress/achievement report.

We are successful because our teachers are dedicated and well-experienced. The bar chart result is also a clear testament on how students feel about our provision.  We measure impact by conducting extensive survey on parents, students and the community to measure how well we are doing and what to improve on. We also measure impact by tracking students’ performance in National exams in mainstream schools e.g. SATs, GCSEs and A level exams. 



The BEP programme is doing a great job with our children and also with parents. The money we have to pay for our children to attend classes is very affordable when compared to what is being charged by similar programme. There are advantages for us sending our children to this programme. It is within walking distance and it is of a high quality. I am very happy because I am seeing improvements in my children’s school work as a result of attending the programme.

Francis, Parent of Virginia


My children are more confident now in their school work and in other aspects of their life as a result of attending the programme. The programme acts as a positive diversional tool from the regular 'run of the mill' activities such as watching TV and playing with their computer games and their iPads. The project was convenient because of the practical methodologies used for training children. The programme presents an opportunity for our children to play/mix with other children on the Barnfield estate. As a parent, the programme provides opportunity for parents to interact with each other and support their children in their schools work at home.

Lin, Parent of Toby and Maths Volunteer Teacher