This initiative will enable parents to get involve in their children’s learning. By making sure that all parents provide all resources and equipment needed by their children for learning.

The concept of P.A.S.S. (Parents Accountable for students’ success)

Members of PASS visit the school on Saturday during lesson to see how learning takes place. They are responsible for spreading the news and supporting other parents who are not supportive of their children’s education.

The use of inter-generational approach

This initiative help parents to learn some basic computer skills from our most able students. Students who are bright with excellent IT and computer skills are selected to teach parents. Students are not allocated to teach their biological parents but other parents to ensure inter-transfer of knowledge from one generation to another. The parents will also have the opportunity of teaching the students some key skills. For example, vocational skills like cooking and baking. We focus on these two skills for now.

If your child is attending our Saturday school, we strongly encourage you to join BEP parents association.
For more information on joining please contact us by phone, by email or come to the school office on Saturday and talk to the admin officer.