In order to measure our performance and assess the quality of our provision, BEP was inspected by an independent organisation on Saturday the 3rd December 2016, the inspection ran for the whole day.


As part of the inspection lessons were being observed by the inspectors, a cross- section of randomly selected parents and student were the inspectors to ascertain whether the standard and quality of teaching meets the aims and objectives of BEP and also to assess the impact on students’ education attainment. During the afternoon the evaluator held a focus group to further assess the quality of teaching provided; a cross- section of teachers were interviewed to assess the teaching methodology and strategy used to enhance students learning.

From the outcome, the independent evaluator commented in their report, “having experienced and trained members of staff who are equipped to engage with young people in primary school and secondary, they were able to effectively deal with challenging behaviours whilst reinforcing traditional values. Staff successfully worked with students to enhance their reading, writing and mathematical skills. The project provided a more relaxed educational environment which is more conducive to learning. This environment is less rigid than the learning environment within the school system and was critical for building student’s confidence and self- esteem. The students are learning in a fun and stress-free environment and therefore the setting has impacted positively on the educational achievement of the students”.

The evaluator also reported this comment made by a parent during the interview “I am very happy because I am seeing improvements in my children’s school work as a result of attending the programme.”

Base on verbal and written feedback, we are delighted to informed you that the outcome of BEP independent inspection was positive and BEP was rated as a Good Supplementary school providing a more relaxed educational environment which is more conducive to learning.

To read the full report on BEP inspection, please go HERE.