I discovered the Saturday school by accident when I was asked to visit the school for a review. I was impressed at how the children were progressing and the enthusiasm the teachers have to see the children achieved higher grades.


The teachers are operating in the educational system as their day jobs which helps a great deal. Moreover, they are qualified and current teachers therefore, they understand the requirements for each child and can support the needs of the children effectively. It then dawn on me that this set up—Barnfield education will suit my daughter. So far I feel very confident with the support my daughter is receiving and I can approach the teachers with any questions. Also my daughter is improving at her mainstream school and I have great and positive feedback from her teachers. I believe that my daughter’s sudden improvement in her mainstream school is a clear evident of the effective support she is receiving from BEP.

Thank you Guys!

”In this school, there are well experienced teachers who put their maximum effort to teach us the best they can..”

From: Abdullahi

“I enjoy it because it’s close to home and the advantages of this is that you know most people that attend the school which means you do not have to be scared of making new friends. I also like it because the teachers work hard to make us perform we

From: Habib